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Choral centre

With its beautiful acoustics and its special character as a centralised-plan building, St Paul's Church is ideal for choir concerts and cultural experiments. Kulturkirche Paulus is a home and a platform for regional choirs – amateur choirs and professional ensembles alike.

Choral concert
Keystone in the church room
Atmospheric impression of a choral concert
Minor keystone in the nave aisle

Place of celebrating

St Paul's Church can be rented for celebrations, weddings and funerals. Thanks to the Sunday evening services by Alban-Arbeit and Creative Church, the church still retains an element of its essence and history as a place of spirituality.

Place of recreation

The upgraded foyer and the season garden café invites you to stay. Kulturkirche Paulus offers attractive opportunities for exchange and encounters, also for the people living in the neighbourhood.

Unternehmen Mitte
Small keystone in the nave aisle
Large mobile screen
Minor chandelier

Improved infrastructure

Over the past two years, various upgrading measures have been implemented to set up an attractive venue for events and visits: installation of a modular stage, new sound system, improvements to the lighting, new chairs, upgrading of the basement and the foyer including a new service area, refurbishment of the floors and technical repairs.


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