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by foot: 10-15 minutes from Basel Swiss/French

railway station.​

by tramway/bus: tramway stops "Zoo Bachletten",

"Bundesplatz" or bus stop "Schützenhaus".​

by car: motorway A2/A3 (exit Grosspeter) towards Markthalle

or motorway A3 (exit Kannenfeld) towards Schützenmatte.​

by boat: bus 34 from "Schifflände" until stop "Schützenhaus". From St John's passenger terminal, walk to the bus stop "Kinderspital", take bus 33 until stop "Schützenhaus" (15 minutes in total). From the Triple Point passenger terminal walk to the station "Kleinhüningen", take tram 8 until stop "Dreirosenbrücke", then change to tramway 1 until stop "Schützenhaus" (30 minutes in total).

by aeroplane: bus 50 from "EuroAirport" until stop "Brausebad" (within a 5-minute walking distance).


FAQ - general questions & answers

Is there a high voltage connection in the church?

There​ are two high voltage connections available: one is located in the technical room in the backstage area, the other is on the balcony opposite the organ. There is a third outdoor connection, which is used by the garden café during its seasonal operations.

What kitchen facilities can be found?

There ​is a service area next to the foyer including a hatch window, dishwasher, washing station and 2 small fridges. In the backstage area (choir chapel) there is a simply equipped tea kitchen with a small dishwasher, 2 washing stations and a small fridge, kettle, coffee machine (you must bring your own Nespresso capsules) and some crockery: cups, small plates, a small amount of cutlery, around 150 wine glasses).

How is material delivered to the church?

The​re is barrier-free access to the church via a ramp at the front right; it is possible to park temporarily on the lower right-hand access pathway. Delivery is somewhat more flexible by using the old lift at the rear left, where suppliers may park on the church grounds for the duration of the event.

Are there any parking slots on the church grounds?

The church grounds are private property and are generally not available for parking to ensure escape routes and rescue lanes. Exceptions may be granted by the management for suppliers or event organisers only on request.


P​ublic parking spaces are available for visitors in the neighbouring streets. An electric car charging station is located directly next to the church on Arnold Böcklin-Strasse. Disabled parking spaces can be found in Feierabendstrasse. A coach park is located at Bundesplatz within walking distance.

What reception options are available?

During the garden café's seasonal operations, UM can be asked to organise receptions or catering on the front courtyard. Alternatively, the rear courtyard may be used for outdoor receptions with your own caterer.


Inside​, either the choir chapel or the foyer including the front hall are available. Exceptions for the central church room may be granted by the management only on request; higher cleaning costs will incur.

Who can I contact if the tower bells or the tower clock ring/run incorrectly?

IWB (public utility company) is responsible for maintaining and servicing the tower's installations. Please contact them directly; our management will then be informed by IWB.

What is included in the cleaning fee?


Usually, 2 hours are charged per event/day. This includes basic cleaning of the toilets, replenishing consumables (towels, paper rolls), basic cleaning of dirt in the church and the backstage area. Depending on the situation, this may also include vacuuming and wet mopping, also in the backstage and service areas, if necessary (including manual draining of the dishwashers).

Where are the toilets located?

T​he toilets are located on the right-hand side of the church interior; 2 cabins (one of which is barrier-free) are accessible at the side entrance (ramp), 2 further cabins can be found at the back right next to the choir chapel.

How much barrier-free accessibility does the church offer?


The church ​has a newly-built access ramp on the right-hand side and an old lift; barrier-free access to the church interior including the choir chapel, foyer, front hall and toilet cabins is guaranteed from both access points at all times. The balconies and the basement are only accessible via standard staircases; a lift is not available nor planned.

An application for a disabled parking slot has been submitted to the city's office for mobility is currently pending.

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