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Alban Arbeit /
Creative Church

Rose window, central picture

Weekly service on Sunday evening


programme with "Creative Church"

Alban Arbeit

The weekly church service on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. in St. Paul's Church is the most important event in the congregational life of the Alban-Arbeit. Here we meet to refocus on God, to share joys and sorrows, to receive blessings, to meet friends and make new contacts. We deliberately celebrate the service as Alban-Arbeit together with Christians from other churches and interested people from the city.

The service essentially consists of a sermon in which we listen to God's word and a musical part in which we praise and worship Jesus Christ. The cross as a place of forgiveness and release is important to us: during the time of worship, there is therefore the opportunity to attach written requests to a wooden cross in a symbolic act.

The course and form of the services are varied. Once a month, for example, professional artists organize a service under the label "Kirche Kreativ" (Creative Church), in which all possible forms of artistic expression, from classical music and jazz to texts and pictures, find their place.

The program includes cheerful and exuberant gospel services as well as quiet and meditative evenings in the style of the Taizé community. As Alban-Arbeit, we feel connected with various Christians across the boundaries of the congregation.

That is why guests from other churches and ministries in Basel regularly preach and play music in our services. The church service depends on a large number of volunteers who contribute to the organization, technology, moderation, music and preaching.


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