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Organ /
FHNW Academy of Music

St Paul's Church Organ

Technical data

The "queen of all instruments", as W.A. Mozart called it, holds many secrets. Numerous stops and timbres, different manuals, pedal and over 2000 sounding pipes make it unique. Simply fascinating! The organ music is stylistically diverse and ranges from the Renaissance to modern times: from simple, two-part chorales to monumental works by J. S. Bach, film music and improvisations.

Organ studies are available as a Bachelor's and Master's degree course at the FHNW School of Music. Organ lessons by Prof. Martin Sander are given individually every Thursday and take place in St. Paul's Church. However, it is also a great enrichment to play chamber music with other instruments. The university offers additional practice opportunities in St. Paul's Church on weekday mornings.

St. Paul's Church has an organ built by Orgelbau Kuhn (Männedorf) in 1987 with about half of the pipes from the previous organ built by Basel organ builder Zimmermann in 1901.

It has 53 stops on 3 manuals and pedal with the following disposition:

  • Pairings: II/I, III/I, III/II, I/P, II/P, III/P.

  • Playing aids: 6 fix combinations (P, MF, F, FF, TT, Pedaltutti)

  • Setterboard with 256 combinations and memory card access (32kb; z.B. Simatic)

  • Register crescendo

  • No monitor / mirror available

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